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Our goal is to not only train but to educate as well, and our clients mean everything to us.   Our trainers go through rigorous and ongoing professional development to challenge each other to be the best they can be.  We invite you to join our special Varsity Fitness family.

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*Featuring 11 Har-tru tennis courts and three squash courts



In addition to the same equipment found at most gyms, the following equipment is unique to VARSITY FITNESS:

leg pressKeiser Equipment
VARSITY FITNESS features a full eight station strength circuit by Keiser (Bilateral Leg Press pictured). We chose Keiser equipment simply because no other line of equipment was good enough for our clients. Keiser equipment is completely versatile with the ability to accommodate a wide range of users from the youth population to seniors to the orthopedic to the professional athlete. Yes, Keiser is used exclusively by numerous professional sports teams for power development. In addition, Keiser equipment is the safest on the market, and the weight can be increased by one tenth of a pound increments by the push of a button without leaving your seat.   Come and try it for yourself! 

power rackKeiser POWER Rack
The POWER Rack works by incorporating pneumatic strength columns, which can be attached to the bar, allowing Keiser's patented air technology to be used solely, or in combination with, free weights. This allows for a wide spectrum of training, enhancing power and stability for the athlete. Athletes who have trained on the POWER Rack have seen overall strength gains, better speed, control and explosive power. The POWER Rack is a favorite unit for professional sports teams.

keiser infinity

Keiser Infinity Performance Trainer
- the most versatile fitness machine in the world!  The Keiser Infinity Performance Trainer is a single-column high/low pulley system. Revolutionary "air" resistance allows for safe, smooth exercises at an speed. No flying weight stacks! Resistance is consistent, unaffected by speed of exercise. Zero shock loading to muscles, connective tissues and joints. Adjusts in 1/10 lb. increments


Keiser Air 300 Runner
The Keiser Air 300 Runner is a unique and innovative product designed for the athletic performance market. It allows athletes to train the lower body for power by using the components of speed and resistance.Keiser Air 300 Runner Developed specifically for sports teams to improve acceleration and explosive power, this unit will improve the power and performance of any individual looking for a competitive edge. Revolutionary "air" resistance allows for safe, smooth exercises at any speed. No flying weight stacks! Resistance can be adjusted by simply pushing + or - buttons located on the handles. The Power Display provides output in watts, gives optimal resistance level and allows for downloading of workout data.


Woodway Desmo S TreadmillWoodway Desmo S Treadmills
Our treadmills: “Worth the investment!” (Your joints will thanks us!)

Each treadmill is custom designed with our patented running surface and ball bearing system. The running surface is made from rubber T-slats giving you the ultimate cushion and softness, while maintaining the natural biomechanics of your stride. This cushion surface almost eliminates the force of impact with each foot strike whereas conventional treadmills have a cotton and nylon belt stretched across a wood surface making the running surface hard and less straining on joints, muscles, and tendons.

Successful athletes are the result of hard work, determination, and focus. Woodway is dedicated to providing you with the same.


true striderTrue Strider
The True is truly the best elliptical on the market. Actually, it's not even an elliptical because it moves in a natural motion unlike other machines. The True Strider's Soft Step pedals ride in a fixed plane throughout the path they travel to give the user the most natural movement possible. The True Strider is the only elliptical cross trainer that gives users three basic workout choices: combine the upper and lower body action for the ultimate in total body training, grip the central stabilizer bar for a challenging legs-only cardio session, or stand astride the foot pedals and use the upper body arms for a focused, upper body workout.


Gain a Competitive Edge in athletics, recovery, concentration etc. with the Makoto Arena! Makoto is a fitness game that enters the new world of mental training - the final frontier of fitness. While giving "players" a great cardio workout, the primary health benefit of Makoto is the improvement of the neurological link between the brain and body. By improving this communication between the brain and body, dramatic improvements can be achieved in:

Click on this link to hear what Carmello Anthony of the Denver Nuggets has to say about Makoto


Vibration technology is quickly becoming a favorite training tool for athletes and fitness enthusiasts around the world. There are different types such as Power Plate and Vibraflex, but the Pro-Vibe blows them away due to it's versatility.

Benefits of vibration include: improved flexibility, enhanced blood circulation, quicker recovery times, increased bone density, anti-aging, faster metabolism, reduced risk of injury and increased sports performance.

Click on this link to learn more:


shuttle mvpShuttle MVP Elite
The Shuttle MVP is used for low impact plyometrics, performance conditioning, and functional rehabilitation training. It is specially designed to reduce stress on the spine, knees and legs and can even be used by people with injuries who wouldn't normally be able to do lower body exercises. The Shuttle will increase your lower extremity power to improve sprinting, jumping and acceleration. Many NBA players, including Shaq, use the Shuttle to develop lower body strength.


concept2 rower slideConcept2 Rower Slides
If you do crew, you know what it means to erg. Varsity Fitness has taken the experience to the next level with the Slide. Now, when you erg, it will feel like you are actually rowing on the water. You can even row in tandem with a partner. Who needs the Schuylkill when you have VARSITY FITNESS?


game bikeGame Bikes
These bikes are fabulous! Play a video game while you ride these bikes. The GameBike fully controls every movement on the screen during play with your own body movements. Handlebars control the steering; pedaling controls the speed; you control the strategy.