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Why Massage?
Massage Therapy is essential in reducing stress, easing sore muscles or chronic pain, boosting immunity, increasing circulation, improving your posture and much more. Clients consider massage therapy to be a vital part of their well-being combined with healthy amounts of physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. Massage Therapy has been proven to assist in the healing process after injuries and can also assist in the prevention of injuries associated with physical activity. Massage Therapy can be gentle and relaxing or invigorating depending on the needs of your body – open communication will make sure to give you exactly what you want and need.

What is the difference between a Relaxation/Swedish Massage and a Personalized Pressure/Deep Tissue Massage?
Relaxation/Swedish Massage and a Personalized Pressure/Deep Tissue Massage are two different modalities with different goals. Differences range from the amount of pressure applied, the type of strokes and the “tools” used by the therapist.

Relaxation/Swedish Massage
This classic massage is the perfect choice for anyone new to Massage Therapy or
for someone who wants to just let go and relax from the stresses of everyday life. This form of
Massage Therapy combines smooth strokes with gentle pressure to relieve stress and alleviate
muscle tension and soreness. The Therapist applies light to moderate consistent pressure during a Relaxation Massage/Swedish Therapy session which will increase circulation, relieve the body
of minor aches and pains and leave you in a relaxed state of mind.

Personalized Pressure/Deep Tissue Massage
Personalized Pressure Massage/Deep Tissue Massage is designed to promote circulation, relieve chronic muscle tension, increase range of motion and remove toxins from your muscles. The focus and emphasis of a Personalized Pressure/Deep Tissue Massage is on altering the structure and muscle restrictions that may cause pain and discomfort throughout everyday tasks. A deep tissue massage is not a “hard” massage but a personalized pressure technique addressing issues within the layers of the body and the ability to work with the muscle tissue and fascia causing the discomfort, stiffness, and tenderness. The Therapist lengthens and releases tension and adhesions (also referred to as trigger points) in the most effective way by applying direct slow steady pressure using knuckles, forearms and elbows to the area of tension.

Sports Massage - (Pre & Post Event)
Sports Massage is the science and art of applying massage and related techniques to ensure the
health and well being of an athlete and to enhance athletic performance. The major applications of sports massage are: recovery, remedial, rehabilitation and maintenance. Sports Massage will assist in aiding the longevity, perseverance and well-being of athletes in training through acombination of relaxation massage, pressure specific and deep tissue work as well as more in-depth stretching.

Duration of a Massage Therapy Session
30 Minute Sessions: Half of the body and emphasis on an area of the body that needs attention
60 Minute Sessions: Full body massage
90 Minute Sessions: Full body massage
*Prices as low as $30 a session.

Learn about our Massage Therapist, Morgan Crandall.