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Our goal is to not only train but to educate as well, and our clients mean everything to us.   Our trainers go through rigorous and ongoing professional development to challenge each other to be the best they can be.  We invite you to join our special Varsity Fitness family.

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Fitness Programs


In addition the best in Personal Training for all ages and abilities, we also offer the following programs: 

VARSITY FITNESSGeneral Fitness Classes
(for kids 6-14)

Every program is unique. You will love our interactive games which will make it seem like you’re not working out at all. Choose between video game bikes, virtual reality exercise games, the popular Dance-Dance Revolution (DDR), and other programs unique to VARSITY FITNESS. Participate in strength training circuits which are designed specifically for you! When you join a group at VARSITY FITNESS, it’s like joining a team.

COST: between $20 - $40 per session


Sport Specific Training

We train the pros, weekend warriors and everyone in between. At some point in our lives, we have all dreamed of what it would be like to be a professional athlete. VARSITY FITNESS turns that dream into a reality by training everyone just like a pro athlete. There are no boring or repetitive workouts, and when you join Varsity, you are joining a team. However, you do not need to be an athlete to come to VARSITY FITNESS. You just need the desire to do something different. So, get off of that treadmill, get into the game and earn your letters at Varsity!

Varsity FitnessChoose your sport and get stronger, faster, quicker and more powerful. Improve your agility, build endurance, develop explosiveness and reduce your risk of injury. All sports, and even different positions in the same sport, require different training modalities to meet the athletic demands of that sport. These workouts will not only make you a better athlete, but it is our goal to teach teamwork, discipline, and leadership as well. Whether you are a serious athlete or just starting out, this program is for you!


Fantasy Camp

Varsity FitnessAdults, this is your chance to train like a top athlete. Our staff will put you through similar workouts that pro athletes use in a very exciting format. You might not be preparing for the NFL Scouting Combine, but you might as well be. Have you wondered what pro athletes do to get in world class shape? It’s time to get in the game and find your inner athlete!

Varsity Fitness


Exclusive Executives

This program is for those people who know exactly what they want. The Executive Program is open to anyone who is willing to pledge "maximum effort" and wants to undergo the same grueling training regimens and fitness analyses as top athletes do. The program begins with a comprehensive fitness assessment and an interview to determine your fitness goals, and then your coaches will tailor a program geared toward maximizing your strength, power, speed, and overall performance. From climbing a mountain or hoping to play catch with your kids, just tell us your goals, and we will make sure that you reach them!

Client Management System

A major highlight of our program is the adoption of a healthy lifestyle and a daily or weekly training schedule that provides our clients with benefits well beyond the day that they leave our facility. Our trainers can be in touch with our clients and athletes 12 months a year and each member can leave us with a program designed to continue the progress. Off-site training is also available and must be arranged through the owner. Cost of $1000/month includes 2 sessions per week and ongoing email coaching when requested.


Tennis Specific Training Clinics (save money!)

Varsity FitnessWorkout with the coach of the Philadelphia Freedoms in a tennis specific program guaranteed to improve your game. Improve your footwork, agility, quickness, endurance, balance, explosive power and prevent injury. Better footwork and balance will lead to cleaner strokes, enable you to get to balls you never reached before, and you will feel fresh even at the end of a long match or tournament. There is no training like Varsity Fitness training. All clinics include two private training sessions (60 minutes each), 10 semi-private sessions (60 minutes each), a tennis fitness assessment, and a USA High Performance Profile Test.

Please see for more info.

COST: This program is normally $960 but is being offered at only $599. Renew this program for just $399.
*Individual clinics cost $60 each and private sessions cost $70/half hour and $120/hour or save and buy blocks of 20 for $60/half hour and $100/hour.
*Scholarships are available, so ask for more information.


Personal Training

COST: $60-$150 per session


Monthly Membership

Unlimited access to our unique facility featuring the best in strength and cardio equipment. All of our cardio pieces have cable television to take your mind off of your workout. Membership at VF is exclusive and only offered on a limited basis.

COST: $80/month or $40/month for personal training clients and high school students

Pay 10 months in advance and get the next two months free high school student special: $200 for the entire year


Initiation Fee:

Free for personal training clients

$75 for kids 12 and under*** (includes T-shirt and fitness assessment)

$150 for ages 13 and up
(includes a complimentary personal training session)

***All members age 12 and under must be enrolled in a training program with a VF trainer.


Please call or email for more information.