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Our goal is to not only train but to educate as well, and our clients mean everything to us.   Our trainers go through rigorous and ongoing professional development to challenge each other to be the best they can be.  We invite you to join our special Varsity Fitness family.

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Larry Kaplan, Owner

A graduate of Central High School (247) and Temple University, Larry earned a Masters Degree in Elementary Education from the University of Pennsylvania. Although Larry has had a renowned career as an educator and youth director, he has decided to combine his love of both kids and fitness with VARSITY FITNESS. Larry has held the distinguished CSCS certification since 1999 and has been on the cutting edge of the fitness industry since 1992 when he first began researching fitness and nutrition on his own.

After suffering a serious spinal cord injury in 1992, doctors told Larry that he would never run or play sports again. Too stubborn to listen, Larry dedicated himself to proving the doctors wrong, and he embarked on a mission to build his body through science. Through intensive research and hard work, Larry developed his own training regimen which not only allowed him to run and play sports, but it led him to developing close associations with many of the leading fitness experts in the country.

Larry has worked with different populations of every age and fitness levels. He has been a consultant to numerous professional sports teams and individual athletes. Larry works with all different populations at VARSITY FITNESS depending on the needs of our clients. He encourages you to contact him to discuss what will work best for you and pledges to make sure you have a rewarding experience at VARSITY FITNESS.

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